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墨尔本厦大校友戴秀芳学长自编, 自导和独立投资的电影<<墨市情谜>>已经杀青, 将于最近举行庆祝酒会和电影发布会, 晚会上将播放片花和观看节目.

地点:     维省中华协会

3 Ashley Street, Wantirna 3152

时间:     7:00pm, July 29, 2012.

费用:     $50/each

欢迎各位踊跃前往参加, 可临时付入场费.

联系人: 戴秀芳 0422 251 767

Mike Ke 0422 320 747

Wendy Ji 0412 921 318

作为校友, 我们为戴秀芳学长取得的成就感到非常高兴和自豪. 我们也衷心预祝晚会取得圆满成功! 并期待着电影的发行取得巨大成功!


July, 15th, 2012

附: 戴秀芳简介

Ms. Dai Xiufang was a lecturer in various universities and colleges in China, and later worked in an import and export company as the deputy manager of one department in Xiamen.  She came to Australia as a post graduate student in Melbourne University in 1990.

Having published 459 articles in the newspapers and magazines, and published three books in Australia, now she is a full member of ASA (Australian Society of Author, 澳大利亚出书作家协会正式会员).

After participating in a pre-production stage of a film in 2005, she began writing screen script. She has written three scripts. Mysterious Love (墨市情谜)is adapted from her novel < Suspended Case in Melbourne > (墨尔本悬案). The six stories she wrote for SBS have been turned into radio plays. Now she is a full member of AWG ( 澳大利亚剧作家协会正式会员).

She is also a translator and a teacher.  She has translated many stories and novels. Some of them were published in the magazines such as < Around the world >, <Bai Hua Zhou >and < Fujian Literature>. The translated novels were published by Hai Xia Publishing House in China before coming to Australia. She was commissioned to translate biography < Elizabeth, the Queen’s Mother > by Guang Dong People’s Publishing House in China, and commissioned by Golden Land Publishing House in Melbourne to translate the Biography < Molission in Peking >.  In Austrlia, she has translated many stories for Chinese language newspapers such as Pacific times, Huaxia weekly, New Tide, and Chinese Weekly.

She and her two daughters set up a filming company named DDJ film production Pty Ltd, of which she is the executive director. She is the screen writer, producer and director, as well as the financer, of the film.

This is her first film, taking two years of production time. The film is the first independent colour feature film made by Australian Chinese in Australian history.

She would like to celebrate together with all supporters and all members of our community, with the key casts and key crew of the film, on July, 29, 2012. The details about the activities of the night will appear in the United times (联合时报) on Wednesday July, 19, 2012.

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